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Backup and Recovery
Imagine there is a backup that just works. Our worry-free online data backup and recovery solution can quickly get your business up and running again when bad things happen.
Business continuity and disaster mitigation begins with a successful backup and restore of your IT data. The backed up data must exist locally (for fast restores) and offsite (for site disasters). Encryption, efficient storage and ease of use are “must-have” features. Our backup and disaster recovery solution provides secure, streamlined online-offsite data backup and restore that is highly scalable and easily customizable.
Immediate Benefits to your Organizaton
Our solution automates the backup process, virtually eliminating human error and greatly reducing the risk of data loss
There is no swapping and storage of tapes or other backup media
Offsite backup is more secure with advanced encryption technology, AES256, the US Government standard for encryption of classified data
Data is stored in SAS 70 Type II certified data centers. Each facility is secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.
Content compliance with US Government regulations - HIPPA, GLBA, PCI and SOX
With our simple restore process, you can easily restore data at anytime without the need to find backup tapes or other media
Continuous Data Protection (CDP) allows for mission critical data to be backed up in near real-time, improving overall data protection
Our backup solution can be set not only to send files remotely to our secure online data centers, but also to store files locally for near-instant, on-demand data restoration
Local disk imaging protects against server and PC hard disk failure, allowing you to migrate or restore an exact copy of your server or PC within minutes - even to dissimilar hardware
With disaster recovery, we are able to protect against a single server failure or entire site failure
Business Continuity allows you to boot a "virtual version" of your downed server right on our backup appliance
Data backup is an insurance policy that no business can afford to be without. Call or email today.
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